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  1. THANK YOU COACH MARVIN.  Saul has been pleased with the program, as well as us parents.  Your dedication, patience and motivation are very appreciated!.  We definitely saw a huge improvement in Saul's basketball skills in just one season.  Thank you again. The Castro Daily August 2019.
  2. My grandson looks forward to playing basketball and having fun at your league.  Thank you Marvin and assistants for being positive role-models for all our kids-August 2019
  3. Super Enjoyable!!!  The kids are learning the game of basketball from all aspects.  This is not just a, "dribble and shoot," league.  Coach Johnson and his staff do a great job of teaching life lessons-TRULY an all-around wonderful experience.  We are looking forward to the next camp season.  Morris Jefferson III, August 2019
  4. The mantra, (Believe In Yourself) has really helped my son improve.  THANK YOU. Jessica Gonzalez, August 2019
  5. THANK YOU for organizing the league.  it keeps kids busy and THANK YOU for teaching them to play basketball the, "RIGHT WAY."
  6. Ricardo enjoys playing basketball very much.  He has learned new skills and basic fundamentals, and he enjoys being active.  THANK YOU for teaching him basketball skills.  August 2019
  7. AS A PARENT, I like the depth of knowledge you and your staff have and share with our kids.  We like the format, of practicing first and then playing the games.  Stopping play during games and emphasizing certain skills, and rules of the game, helps our child learn the game the right way.  The focus is always on teaching and learning with emphasis on sportsmanship, having a positive attitude on and off the court. We like how you encourage our kids and have team spirit, and the importance of supporting one another. August 2019
  8. GREAT PROGRAM!!! Thank you Coach Marvin.  The program teaches kids, fundamentals, such as dribbling, passing and shooting,as well as the jump-stop and how to spread the floor. My son has improved in his game.  Whitney Marquez, August 2019
  9. The coaches are passionate and care about our kids, they are patient with our kids and always focuses on the positives.  South West BB Camps are a friendly, supportive learning environment.  THANK YOU COACH MARVIN. August 2019
  10. THANK YOU Coach Marvin!!  Saul has been pleased with the program, as wells us parents.  Your dedication, patience and motivation are very much appreciated.  We definitely saw huge improvement in Saul's basketball skills in just one season .  Thank you again.  The Castro Family August 2019.
  11. THANK YOU Coach Marvin!  We appreciate your work and molding these kids into good citizen and basketball players.  We have seen a real improvement in Alysse's basketball skills. Thank you again.  The Ferriera Family-August 2019
  12. Coach Marvin Johnson has the techniques and skills of professional and has the heart and generosity to share his owl edge with the young boys and girls.  Our sons' interest in basketball not only has grown, but eh coaches techniques helped with discipline and life skill, they need to thrive in all aspect of their lives.  August 2019,  THANK YOU!!!!
  13. MARVIN "AUTOMATIC" JOHNSON is a MASTER MOTIVATOR and TEACHER.  I'm thankful for the opportunity to work with a true PROFESSIONAL.  Marvin has exceeded all expectations that I had prior to working with him during this past summer season.  Marvin is a man of INTEGRITY and a man of CHARACTER.  He puts his heart and soul into working with the youth of our state and communities.  Our mantra "Believe In Yourself," speaks volumes about the PHILOSOPHY and focus of his program-South West Basketball Camps.  Our goal is to use athletics, basketball in particular as a platform to teach life skills, such as:  work ethic, discipline,  team work, respect/responsibility and accountability.  With these tenets, our kids will be on the path of enjoyment and success. Thank you Marvin for teaching our youth basketball the right way.  Curt Spencer-September 2019
  14. Our daughter enjoyed every aspect of your camp.  We look forward to the next camp. Thank you Coach Johnson
  15. This is  a GREAT PROGRAM, and I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND  this camp for your sons and daughters.  Marvin works well with kids and teaches them life lessons through basketball.  My children will carry these life lessons with them through-out their lives.    Thank you Marvin Johnson August 2019. Dru Chappelle
  16. Coach Johnson runs a quality basketball program, with lots of positive encouragement.  Coach Johnson continuously teaches RESPECT & RESPONSIBILITY.  This was my sons' first experience playing basketball, after playing football for years.  The program was GREAT in boosting my son's confidence.   Coach Marvin Johnson THANK YOU VERY MUCH.  Erika, August 2019.
  17. We appreciate you Coach Johnson.  It is evident that this program was put together for the kids.  Urijah has greatly enjoyed playing this season and is already looking forward to the Fall 2019 Season.  Thank you so much for caring for our kids. Stefanie Fernandez, August 2019

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