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League Rules

Running Clock 

The clock will run during each period of play. It will stop only for an official's time out or when subs are going in. With two minutes left on the clock, the clock will stop for foul shots at the end of each period of play.


There are two twenty minute halves.  The clock will stop at five minute intervals and a new group of players will come in to play.


All players must play as near to equal time as possible.  When players check into the game it is understood that they will play an entire period unless: 1) The player is injured, 2) The player receives a technical foul, 3) A player asks to be removed.


Head coaches are responsible for the behavior of themselves, their assistants, and their players. All players, coaches and spectators must exhibit good behavior during all practices and games. Poor sportsmanship directed at league officials, players, coaches, organizers, or spectators will not be tolerated. Anyone exhibiting poor sportsmanship will be asked to leave the building and will be subject to a review by the league before being allowed to attend any future games or practices.

Technical Fouls

If a technical foul is assessed against a player, that player must sit out the remainder of the period. If a player receives a second technical foul, that player must leave the game. Playing time for the remainder of the period will not be charged to the substitute.


The referees have discretion on all calls and ALL CALLS WILL BE FINAL!!! They will be considered an extension of the coaching staff. With consideration for the skill level of the participants, the referees will be asked to enforce the rules with leniency and also to stop the game to briefly explain the cause of the violation. 


Games will be cancelled if a team cannot field enough players at the scheduled game time. If a game is cancelled, a scrimmage may be held using players from both teams.


Teams are limited to a single practice per week in the league. Coaches may find alternative sites if they would like additional practice time. Coaches must plan for efficient use of time and ensure that each player has a meaningful experience in all aspects of the game.


Spectators and players waiting to play the next game or watching their team while on the bench will not be able to handle basketballs until the current game has been completed.  At that time only players involved in the next game will be allowed on the court to warm up.

Age Verification

If there is a question about a player's age, please be prepared to show proof of age such as a birth certificate or equivalent. If a player cannot show proper paperwork, that player will not be allowed to play.

A player may "play up" in age, however a player may not "play down" in age, unless necessitated by skill level.

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