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Something I want to say about Basketball officials and youth basketball.

I was just at the NM Games 2019 Basketball event, watching a youth Basketball game. I heard people yelling at the official. Is yelling at the official a technique for getting your frustration,showing support for your child/team? I am not sure what the reason is, whatever the reason,IT IS INAPPROPRIATE.

Officiating a Basketball game is a difficult job officiated a Basketball game before and you are a fan,player or coach that think yelling at an official is good behavior to give the official a hard time. You should consider officiating a game. if you do,after that experience i am sure your perspective on officiating will be more balanced.

If on your job every time  you made a decision someone yelled at you and disagreed with it. How would that make you feel,it would become very annoying real quick, right? THIS IS WHAT OFFICIALS HAVE TO DEAL WITH!!

In youth Basketball,why would an official want to to cheat your child or team.... Sure officials make mistakes and miss calls. The vast majority of the time, THAT IS ALL IT IS, A MISS CALL OR A MISTAKE.IT IS NOT SOMETHING PERSONAL AGAINST YOU OR YOUR FAMILY OR TEAM..

We are asking fans, coaches and players to please regulate your behavior when it comes to the OFFICIALS OR ANYONE....TAKE A MOMENT AND COUNT TO 10 BEFORE YOU EXPLODE....COACHES/COACH     PLAYERS/PLAY     OFFICIALS/OFFICIATE   SPECTATORS/SPECTATE .....EVERYONE STAY IN THEIR LANE BRO...


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